Clarendon Global Cloud Enterprise Architecture

Why Clarendon Cloud Enterprise Architecture (CEA)?

Clarendon CEA: Innovative yet Feasible ™

How? At Clarendon CEA we understand: To innovate means to disrupt.  But in the same time to reach the promise of Cloud Computing Feasibility, each enterprise has to innovate.

“…Disruption is a tricky word in the enterprise on the road to Cloud Computing. Forward thinking CIO’s and vendors talk about disruption as a positive form of innovation in which an organization changes processes and business model to adapt, evolve, and improve. At the same time, few companies want to disrupt their own business operations or risk their ability to create and deliver products…”

Are we different just  to be different?

We think not. Clarendon CEA key difference lies in delivering visions, architectures and complete solutions, that are innovative and feasible in the same time. While expertly guiding the projects along the least disruptive path for the organization. This alone requires years of experience, key innovations and contemporary knowledge.

Clarendon Cloud Enterprise Architecture (CEA) group unique approach is balanced and firmly based on years of commercial experience and technical knowledge in developing, managing and delivering complex projects. Clarendon CEA Team are always working with the most feasible mixture of tools and technologies while delivering (usually complex) Cloud Computing Architectures, Customer Visions or managing complex IT legacy landscape migration to any of the three key layers of the Cloud: IaaS, PaaS or SaaS.

Clarendon Cloud Enterprise Computing in a single word: Feasibility.

Not just feasibility technology, but feasibility of vision, architecture, delivery, maintenance and most importantly measurable and concrete business feasibility.

Clarendon EA Practice Domains
Clarendon EA Practice Domains