We offer services as an Independent Market Consultants for companies and organizations seeking commodity industry expertise for project development, operations enhancement or in making decisions as to whether to invest in new or existing production and commercial developments.

As part of these services we provide:

  • Detailed reports on supply, demand, and price projections scenarios for individual commodities.
  • Engineering assistance and support in for range of issues related to individual commodity markets, mineral resources, development and production.
  • Custom-made studies – pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, business plans, detailed and general designs, and documentation support for project financing.


Clarendon commodities price risk management services are client tailored and client driven. Our hedging advisory process involves detailed analysis of clients’ commodities and commodities related exposures, development of custom tailored price risk management programs, cost-effective implementation and execution of commodities price risk strategies, and ongoing monitoring and support of hedge programs.

Areas of involvement include the following

  • Consulting related to analyzing the risks and rewards, advantages and costs of hedging programs.
  • Training and education on hedging.
  • Producer or buyer hedging strategies tied to financing or operations.
  • Strategies to protect against high production or consumption costs.
  • Short and long term strategic cash flow management.
  • Scenario planning and analysis.
  • Price risk management program review and development.
  • Communication of hedge program and strategy to internal, shareholder, and external audiences.


Clarendon Group advises on the purchase and sale of physical commodities, mineral resource and inventory management, and refining programs. We also assist clients on the leasing, financing, and monetization of commodities inventories, including in-product metals. We can provide clients with budget effective and efficient services in the physical materials management process.