Clarendon Global

Clarendon Global is a United Kingdom based group of companies with representative offices in London and Miami. Clarendon is active in various sectors within a number of countries and continents globally. Our expertise is Information Systems, Engineering, Project management and Project Finance for various markets including renewable energy, metals, mining, marine, agribusiness and ‘green’ environmental projects. Our relationships with key local government and industry figures, has allowed Clarendon to create, package and complete unique opportunities with high yield return for partners and investors.

Clarendon Global projects are firmly based on solid foundations and best practices of pragmatic Enterprise Architecture. Clarendon Business Development Method (CBDM) is particularly well-tailored for projects and clients where Feasibility comes first.

Clarendon Global is composed of several companies which are functioning businesses post or pre-profit in full ownership of products or technologies. The Clarendon Global is the heart of the group and takes conceptual ideas and develops them into fully fledged businesses. Development to us means nurturing an idea, building a business, financial modeling conducting market research and executing with good local government and corporate support. Clarendon has gone through this exercise for its own projects and clients’ projects in Asia (Lebanon, Mongolia, Bangladesh, China, Turkey, Cyprus), Africa (Libya, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria), Latin America (Chile, Colombia, Nicaragua, Mexico), Europe and USA, with its network of government and corporate contacts.