Engineering Services

Our Engineering strategy

It is not enough to have an idea, to prove it or to know how it should work. Idea must be implemented.

First we are driven by ideas. The we drive each one of them. Through a technological process, design and construction of facilities and adjustment of process parameters; to finally deliver an innovative product. We are transforming idea into real and tangible benefits.

Our Engineering Service

The solutions and services that Clarendon Engineering provides, do include among others the following:

  • Innovative solutions to technical problems
  • Strategic advice to business and management
  • Design and manufacturing: laboratory and pilot plants
  • Feasibility and investment studies
  • Social-impact and environmental-impact studies
  • Preliminary and final designs for construction, technology of process, equipment and engineering work,
  • Supervision and inspection of construction work, installation of equipment,  process plant operation, including on-site project management
  • Technical assistance and advice