Director, Head of Global Business Development

Milos Mitch Bulajic

As one of the Clarendon founders, Mitch spent over 20 years working for prestigious financial institutions across Europe, Africa and Asia. Mitch has held a number of senior positions, including Trading Strategist, Research Analyst, and Portfolio Manager for some of the most successful companies in the world, including Jefferies where he was head of the Active Strategies department of the ITG subsidiary, several large off-shore hedge funds – including Bermuda based Everest Capital and Elliott Associates. Mitch has a wealth of experience in structuring MLP (Master Limited Partnerships) portfolio strategies, commodity hedging and managing specialized energy portfolios. Recently he worked on numerous energy, copper and crude oil hedging and infrastructure projects throughout Eastern Europe, Russia, Latin America and Africa. Mitch speaks fluent Serbian, Croatian and English; and conversational Spanish and Russian. Mitch has a Bachelor’s of Sciences in International Business and Law from the University of Belgrade and licensed CMT (chartered market technician). Mitch is currently focusing on the US and Latin American markets from the Clarendon Global US office.

Director, Head of Latin American Business Development

Claret A. Raven

Claret spent over 10 years working for prestigious financial institutions in Venezuela and Latin America. Currently serving as Financial Chief of the firm GLOBAL ALIANZA CONSULTING GROUP, in the areas of corporate strategic planning, institutional improvement, strategic intelligence and international finances. Claret held a number of senior positions including Business Manager of Professional and Corporate Market for BANCO CANARIAS in charge of the corporate strategic business plan of the institution and client’s management of the private banking, and Relationship Manager of the Oil and Energy Industries for CITIBANK N. A. VENEZUELA  in charge of developing the strategies for the industries of energy (American, ConocoPhillips, BP, Methanol of Oriente, Repsol, Petroboscan, Petromonagas, Petrobras, Schlumberger, Baker, Hughes, Y&V, Inelectra, Odebrecht, PDVSA), and specializes in Management, Marketing and Human Resources. Claret has a Bachelor’s of Sciences in Economy and Master of Financial Management from the Simon Bolivar University. Claret fluently speaks Spanish and English.

Head of Engineering

Branko Tomašević

Mechanical Engineering MSc, Faculty of the Mechanical Engineering University of Belgrade, Department of Aviation. Member of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers. License responsible designer of mechanical installations, water supply facilities and industrial water, hydraulic and hydropower l. License responsible contractor mechanical installations, water supply facilities and industrial water, hydraulic and hydropower. Member of Mensa International. Many years of experience in the military industry in general practices procedures conquest repair of aircraft and air combat systems, transport and civil aircraft and helicopters, the design institute of maintenance. Design of hydraulic installations, fuel installations for new aircraft and helicopters. Experience in technology transfer in the aerospace industry. 3d design, construction and production equipment and automation in the process industry, measuring and sorting packages. Experience in designing parts of the development of composite materials. Design, construction and performance of treatment plants of municipal and industrial wastewater. Design and management in the design and construction of industrial facilities, rehabilitation of degraded areas, sustainable development and renewable energy sources. Experience in building, managing and monitoring the construction of industrial plants.

CTO, Non-Executive

Dusan “DBJ” Jovanovic

DBJ Leads multi-disciplined teams as hubs of expertise and innovation. While focused on Cloud Computing, DBJ also enjoys the Open Source exploration, incubation and delivery of new services and revenue streams. These include HIS/HIT. migration and compliance, SOA Innovation, HIPAA/GDPR Business Transformation, scouting for Disruptive Azure Technologies, and similar.

As a seasoned remote worker, DBJ is used to stay productive with dispersed teams, ensuring effective knowledge sharing and an integrated approach. Additionally, DBJ works across a matrix of key stake-holders and all commercial areas of the business, at all levels, in order to drive projects through to delivery and integration into the product and service offering.

DBJ has background combining strategic business development, procurement and product management, gained in oil and energy, banking and corporate business. Experienced executive, manager and developer, with exceptional skills and a track record in influencing and facilitating commercial growth at the highest corporate level.

Legal Counsel

Garran J. Graner, Esq.

Garran is an attorney at law and entrepreneurial professional, currently based in New York City, experienced in the nuances of cross-cultural negotiations, protocol and bridging diversity of cultures, has maintained a law practice with a focus on domestic and international commercial transactions, including but not limited to, joint ventures, strategic consulting for corporate and individual clients from Europe, Asia, Middle East and Latin America; and project financing transactions in Turkey, Morocco, Greece, France, Bulgaria, Serbia, Panama, Mexico and Venezuela for more than twenty-five years. Representative clients include a pre-eminent privately held company in Dubai (UAE) as well as prominent Chinese (PRC) and Hong Kong conglomerates. Prior professional experience includes Goldman Sachs & Co., Trading and Arbitrage, New York, New York; Burlingham Underwood & Lord, New York, New York, a premier admiralty law firm and Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas (Banque Paribas) in New York.