The Board

Živorad Lazarević Ph.D

Mr Lazarević has a long life tenure of engagement in researching and designing where he acquired great scientific and research experience, made numerous projects related to the processing of non-metallic, metallic (lead, zinc, copper, molybdenum) and precious metal ores (gold, silver). He worked as main designer for numerous foreign partners in plants for processing barite and feldspar ores, complex lead, zinc, gold, silver and diamond ores, including:

  • working out the project for the reconstruction of Lece (Serbia, Yugoslavia) plant for gold and silver ore Cyanidization
  • leaching of small gold and silver deposits (Myanmar, Asia)
  • laboratory tests of the heap leach operation in several Turkish mines (partner: Krupp, Germany)
  • production of ore and silver from the ore body Kyaukpahtoe (Burma-Myanmar, Asia) (capacity: 450,000 mt of ore /year)

During his long-range work on gold and silver ore concentration, Živorad Lazarević performed basic researches and proved the advantages of the following processes: Carbon in Pulp (CIP); Carbon in Leach (CIL); Carbon in Column (CIC) in relation to Merrill-Crowe process.
He also has his approved solutions for the concentration of gold from complex ores, where gold is represented as free gold, and is also included in pyritic ores, arsenical ores, gold telluride, as well as in gold with copper and gold with lead zinc and carbonaceous ores.
These approved solutions were implemented in:

  • Cyanidization plant Rio Tinto Patino, Spain, capacity of 1 mil. t. of ore per year,
  • Beneficiation of Jordan phosphate rock, Jordan, etc.

Mr. Lazarevič holds a Bachelor Degree, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Department of Mineral Dressing (1962); PH degree acquired at The Faculty of Mining, Geology and Oil in Zagreb (1986), with the dissertation named Studying of the flotation process phenomena at the galenite and sphalerite surfaces from the ore body “Blagodat”. (Doctorate was prepared in Institute Mehanobr – St. Petersburg, Russia and in Laboratory for ore testing in Colorado Springs, USA.)
Mr. Lazarević is fluent in English and Russian, and has 43 scientific works published in established scientific magazines, wordlwide.

Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade in the master degree (M.Sc.). He worked as a freelance designer in the process of Product Engineering. Until 2004 was engaged in various private affairs, when he moved to Aero Aqua Engineering, within company’s management and development of technologies for the separation of copper from the liquid. Since 2008. as co-owner of the company Clarendon Balkan d.o.o. Engineering company, working on strategic development in the field of environmental protection and renewable energy.

has over thirty years experience in the defense, aerospace, and transportation-related industries and has held key executive positions with several leading U.S. and international firms. As a professional staff member of the US House Appropriations Subcommittee for Defense and Military Construction, He acted as the principle advisor to the Committee Chairman, providing recommendations with respect to the obligation of funding for military equipment and services for the US Department of Defense.

Garran J. Graner, Esq.

attorney at law and entrepreneurial professional, currently based in New York City, experienced in the nuances of cross-cultural negotiations, protocol and bridging diversity of cultures, has maintained a law practice with a focus on domestic and international commercial transactions, including but not limited to, joint ventures, strategic consulting for corporate and individual clients from Europe, Asia, Middle East and Latin America; and project financing transactions in Turkey, Morocco, Greece, France, Bulgaria, Serbia, Panama, Mexico and Venezuela for more than twenty five years. Representative clients include a pre-eminent privately held company in Dubai (UAE) as well as prominent Chinese (PRC) and Hong Kong conglomerates. Prior professional experience includes Goldman Sachs & Co., Trading and Arbitrage, New York, New York; Burlingham Underwood & Lord, New York, New York, a premier admiralty law firm andBanque de Paris et des Pays-Bas (Banque Paribas) in New York.

Cyprus & The Middle East comes from a background which includes Oil & Gas Projects’ Research and Business Negotiation with Government and Independent Oil and Oilfield Service Companies in the Middle East & North Africa. Fuad is a Petroleum Geologist by education, a graduate of the University of Texas (UTA)/Honorary-Gamma Epsilon, an Honorary member of the Texas Business Board, and has profound experience in the Exploration & Exploitation of Hydrocarbon. He is also the President/co-Founder of ETA’s-Eastern Hemisphere and Petro Serv International, Cyprus and U.S. based companies which engage in the Regional Distribution of Oilfield Equipment and high-performance/high-quality Perforating Gun Systems which are used in Down hole Completion of Oil & Gas Wells. Fuad’s main assets to our team is his ability to communicate with Middle Eastern companies on Oil & Gas and other projects in the region which are of great interest to the Clarendon Group. Fuad speaks and write French and Lebanese (Arabic) Languages fluently. Fuad is Clarendon’s director for North Africa, the Middle East and Cyprus.

Richard Conway

graduated from the University of Sussex with a degree in Economics and Spanish; he has second degrees in Computer Science and Physics from the Open University. Richard has 12 years experience working in the City of London prior to co-founding The Clarendon Group, working for the likes of Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, ABN Amro and others. Richard’s background is mainly in technology and quantitative analysis. Richard has been responsible for setting up a Greenfield project for Clarendon to resolve the issue of marine oil, sewage and toxic waste from ship vessels under contract for Turkish and Chinese ports. He has built the project from the ground up selecting the technology, securing early and late stage finance, setting up the infrastructure and conditions for success as well as lobby in both Turkey and China for partnerships with local companies and contracts with ports. Clarendon has widened the scope of this and enabled government officials to place this on the agenda as an environmental issue as opposed to a marine issue.

Dr. Jin Guo

China & The Far East is a Director of CFT Overseas Corp, an investment consultant, specialized in China or China related consultancy in the field of structured project financing and securitization etc. His major clients were SINOCHEM, CDB (China Development Bank), CMEC (China Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corp.) Norilsk Nickel Europe, Sekom Group (Russian backed oil trading company), Delamore & Owl Group of Companies (Off Shore Hedge Fund), CITIC, RWE, MARITIM, Deutsche Bank, Metro (USA), China Rail Way, Gabon Government and Ghana Government etc. For 6 years, Mr. Guo was a Research Engineer at Research Institute of Aeronautical Manufacturing, Beijing, China. Before this, for 10 years, he was a Managing Director of F&G International Ltd., London. The company’s business activities mainly involved commodity trading, including physical metal and metal products trading and LME operation, futures and options. Dr. Guo holds following degrees: Philosophy of Doctor (Ph.D) in Management Science at University of Westerminster, London, UK. Master of Science (Msc.) in Management Science Operational Research at University of Hull, UK.  Bachelor of Science (BSc.) Major in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Ljubomir Zlatanovic, BEconSc.

Work-active since 1975 in branches of int. tourism, leather, textiles and wood industries. His working experiences are based on direct involvement in production – and production processes mainly.The experiences he gained in production – and treatment processes of natural raw materials ( leather, textiles, wood) are “the foundation-stone” in regard to all other activities ( human labor and machinery organization, investments and project management , banking, domestic and foreign trade and other logistics) ) which, likewise important but undoubtedly, are and must stand as a service to the raw material processing, i.e. he thereby mastered the production of the increase in value, the preservation and repetition of liquid and constant production circles. Since 1991 Ljubomir Zlatanovic is active in wood – processing production and business, project management. As a co-owner and general manager of several wood works he created experience in production and wood – treatment processes, built at the same time distinct relations to forestry and other forest industries, Agro-culture and Forest Ministries, local officials, foreign markets, their buyers, traders and producers. The international foreign trade and marketing, awarded him constant solid and responsible information and knowledge in regard to product and market change.