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Mining Legislation in West Balkans harmonizes with EU

Regular GRAS meeting, was held on September 30 in Belgrade (EU, Balkans).

GRAS: Business association “Geologic Mining Association of Serbia”

Their work contributes to the creation of the overall social environment, encourages sustainable investment in geological exploration and mining development with the goal of efficient use of significant mineral resources and encouragement of the rapid economic development of this part of Europe.

In addition, GRAS will participate in a dialogue about the most important issues in the mining sector of Europe, in order to enable access to the best external and internal mining practices.

The main issue presented on the meeting was working on a new Mining Act that should enter the parliamentary procedure in November 2014.

GRAS as a business association that brings together prominent representatives of companies from the public and private sectors hase received a mandate from the Prime Minister of Serbia, of drafting a new mining law. The basic question is whether to do amendments to existing laws or make a completely new law. Based on the opinion of the majority of the participants in the discussion, it was concluded that the development of the new law is the best solution. To this end, a working group was formed, including the suggestion to hire experts from EU, that would largely contribute to the new law compliance with EU standards.

Representatives of the company Clarendon Group Engineering (also GRAS members), have attended with active participation.

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