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Mongolia – Rapid urban growth and new construction materials


Clarendon resource co. Ltd is in negotiations with Morit Exploration co. ltd, for a feasibility study and technology for the production of silica bricks.  Morit Exploration co. ltd,Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, are private company who long-term contracted with Erdenet Mining Corporation for the research and use of waste from copper concentrate production. The largest part of the waste is silicon dioxide (SiO2) sand, which can appear in several allotropic modifications. Utilization of silicon dioxide from waste for production of silica bricks has a great economic and environmental impact.

With a total population of just over 2.75 million people in 2010, the entire population of Mongolia hardly constitutes a mid-size town in China, let alone a tertiary city. However, the freedom to move exercised by the Mongolian people, coupled with dramatic economic changes has resulted in rapid urbanization. In a nation where traditional economic practices are rooted in nomadic pastoralism, less than 32% of the population now live in Mongolia’s vast rural areas. Ulaanbaatar city is now home to 1,287,100  people. Projections by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency indicate that the number of residents of Ulaanbaatar city will be close to 1.5 million by 2015. Nevertheless, the capital city will very likely house the majority of the nation’s citizens within the next five years. Secondary cities linked to mining operations are also seeing growth – including Dalanzadgad, Sainshand, Khan Bogd and Erdenet.

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